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Terms of use and further provisions for the interent forum web pages
www.musikproduktion-storm.de, www.storm-recordings.de und www.musikregisseur.de of Music Production Storm (MPS)

Status: 04. March 2008

Tolerance, respect towards those who those who think and act differently and the right to individuality are the core values underpinning MPS. The forum operator regards it as of the utmost importance to ensure that these values are protected within the forum.
The forum is targeted mainly at musicians and music lovers. It goes without saying that they should strive to express themselves appropriately, also in respect to the language they use. The forum is not a chatroom. Short contributions (one-line postings) are unwelcome, as are are contributions where the spelling, sentence structure and intelligibility are not of a decent , generally accepted standard understood by every age group. On the other hand linguistic creativity is particularly welcome .

Terms of use

  • Only written contributions are allowed. These should conform to the above comments regarding contributions.
  • Contributors should refrain from posting content which is deliberately untrue , insulting, derogatory, morally offensive, obscene, racist, libellous, inflammatory, defamatory or pornographic. Authors of such contributions must expect to incur legal liability.
  • No criminal acts or minor offences must be committed or other legal norms violated . Rights must be observed, particularly third party copyright, patent, trade and service mark rights, intellectual copyright and design rights.
  • The following are prohibited:
    • the posting of chain letters
    • the importing of viruses or other computer programs into the system which may impair the operating mode of external computers
    • links to websites that supply exploits to exploit security gaps
    • giving a false name , false description of status and/or signature, affecting an official function on websites of MPS
  • Advertising disguised as opinion or as alleged help or self-advertisement is not allowed, nor is the posting of unsolicited commercial advertisements. However product recommendations based on one’s own experience are allowed, provided that these experiences are put in context.

Scope of services

  • The services of MPS websites are provided within the territory of the German Federal Republic. Musicproduction Storm is entitled to expand, change and make amendments to services or to reduce services to a reasonable extent without notifying the user in advance. Any services that are provided free of charge by MPS may be withdrawn at any time without notice. No resulting claim for depreciation, reimbursement or damages will be allowed.
  • Essential maintenance and data storage operations may lead to interruptions. MPS cannot guarantee continuous availability of the offers and is under no obligation to provide goods and services.
  • MPS retains editorial freedom with regard to the composition, content and form of the web pages. In the interest of supplying an up-to-date service, MPS is entitled to change the form and content of his websites in particular. MPS may also change the way in which communication and databases are linked to information services in particular.

Liability and warranty

  • MPS is not responsible for content t supplied and made available to users, whether via document exchanges, the forum or in any other form. MPS is not liable for the accuracy or completeness of the information available at his websites. This also applies to the compatibility of this information with applicable law. In so far as is legally possible, warranty obligations are excluded.
  • MPS is not liable for loss of earnings, indirect damages or consequential damages. Furthermore MPS is not liable for technical disruptions which do not lie within the field of responsibility of MPS or its agents, nor for damages arising from an Act of God. For the rest, MPS is liable only for intent and gross negligence.
  • All contributions, enquiries or other information provided by the users of MPS are non-binding personal opinions. They are in no way a substitute for professional consultation or treatment by recognised and skilled experts.
  • Product recommendations or reviews given by users are subjective value judgements or statements of fact. MPS is not liable for any subsequent damages caused to users because they purchased products or used services which relied on the value judgement or statements of fact made by our users when purchasing a product or service of a quality which did not live up to expectations.
  • In so far as MPS refers to advertisements or web sites of third parties, MPS is not responsible for the content of these pages. A reference does not necessarily imply that the page has been checked.
  • There is no legal entitlement to the use of services and offers from MPS.


  • All content is protected by trademark, patent, copyrights or other intellectual property rights. In particular the software, text, photos, art work, graphics, music, names, logos and trade marks are the property of MPS or its licenser. MPS does not acknowledge conflicting property or licence rights to components on the MPS web pages. If anyone discovers content that infringes their rights, please contact MPS immediately.
  • Users may not modify, publish, remove, sell, transfer, store in a database or in any other way commercially exploit the content and its parts without the consent of MPS.* Anyone who posts content on the websites of MPS automatically grants MPS all user rights regarding the said content for an indefinite period of time, irrevocably, free of charge and non- exclusively. The user releases MPS from all claims made by third parties against MPS due to infringement of their rights, especially copyright or other protective rights made on the basis of the content submitted by the user. This applies especially to competition law claims.


In cases of infringement of these terms of use, of statutory provisions, of the rights of third parties or where there are other justifiable factual reasons, MPS is entitled to exclude users at any time without giving reasons. reserves the right to exclude any other claims. Users who continually publish inappropriate contributions in the forum and whose utterences overstep the boundaries of factual discussion or cause conflict with other forum members must also expect to be excluded from the forum.

Data protection

By registering as a member of the forum, users are consenting to their data being stored subject to withdrawal and that it can be used for communication initiatives where necessary by MPS. Data will not be circulated to third parties for promotion purposes unless already entered by a forum member and thus visible to other users of . Consent to the storage of personal data can be revoked by a forum member at any time with immediate effect-

Severability clause and change in terms of use

  • If any clause in these terms of use is ineffective or becomes ineffective or contains a loophole, the ineffective regulation is validated through replacement with a regulation that approximates most closely to the concept of the ineffective regulation.
  • MPS is entitled to amend or change these terms of use at any time without advance notification; users will not be informed subsequently of any such change. Each user is responsible for checking that the terms of use are current before using the websites of MPS. To facilitate this the date of the latest amendment will always appear next to the terms of use heading. The user is consenting to the changes and amendments by continuing to use the sites of MPS once it has been updated.

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